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A top Russian senator, Andrei Klimov, has accused the United States of America of making moves to lunch attack during the 2018 World Cup to be hosted in the country.

He said on Thursday that he had credible evidence of US plotting to “discredit” the 2018 World Cup Russia is hosting for the first time.

The tournament is scheduled to take place in Russia from June 14 to July 15 amid heat of a diplomatic war with the West over disputes ranging from Ukraine and Syria to Moscow’s alleged interference in the 2016 US presidential election.

The Federation Council upper house of parliament’s new ‘protection of state sovereignty commission’, chief, Klimov, said the issue would be addressed at a meeting next Tuesday that will be attended by foreign ministry and sport officials.

The RIA Novosti state news agency quoted Klimov as saying, “The commission has received credible evidence showing that American government officials are directly steering their European colleagues into using the subject of sport to the utmost to discredit Russia in 2018.

“We have grounds to believe that an attack will occur on the football World Cup.

He went on to say that Russia, “will have to take retaliatory measures,” but offered no hint about what kind of attack he thought Washington was preparing.

The United States of America failed to make it to the World Cup and will thus avoid the politically-charged potential of facing Russia at a time when their diplomatic relations are almost a Cold War affair.
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StreetBreed Entertainment frontman, Mb Jewel, needs no introduction in the Nigerian music industry, the singer rose to prominent after the release of his hit single titled “FFF” – With FFF still doing well in the blogosphere and radiosphere, your boy, 

Mb Jewel drops another feel good vibe, and this one is called “OJA” – cleverly written lyrics, deep vocals, mesmerizing tempo and a well embodiment of symphonic production; you are on your way to listen to the jam of the year and beyond !

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy was reportedly gifted a jet aircraft by some members of his church on Sunday night.

The gift came from the church’s Music and Art group during the Loveworld International Music Award which took place on Sunday night to close the week-long International Pastors and Partners Conference (IPPC) held in Lagos Nigeria.

A member of the Believers Loveworld Ministry (aka Christ Embassy) shared the news on Facebook and another revealed that the gift was from three members – Evangelist Katy, her husband and her son – while other church members sowed seeds.

The member wrote;

Reverend Chris Oyakhilome, this night receives a gift of a Jet Aircraft at the Loveworld International Music Award which took place on Sunday night at the prestigious Loveworld Convocation Arena (LCA) to close the week long International Pastors and Partners Conference (IPPC) held in Lagos Nigeria.

The Jet Aircraft gift was given by the Loveworld Music and Art group, an arm of the Believers Loveworld Ministry (aka Christ Embassy) trained by the Man of God to produce world class, worded and faith-filled gospel tunes as well as highly skilled and energetic kingdom dancers. These folks are not mere singers and entertainers but they are spirit filled gospel music ministers.

Believers Loveworld under the leadership and tutelage of Pastor Chris has produced an uncountable talented worshippers all around the world; such as the ” I Know Who I Am” crooner, Sinach, Evang Kathy Woghiren, Buchi, Frank Edward, Joseph Omo Ebhodaghe (Joe Praise), Eben, Ada Ehi Moses, Martin Phyke, Peter Tobe, Viwe Nikita, Samsong, Da Flame, Pee Yu. Obi Shine, Victor Ike, Sophia, Chris Shalom, T-Sharp, Sharon CSO, Deacon Raph, Isaiah, Eli J, Iyke Onka, Destine Destined Destiny and a whole lot more.

I am particularly very excited that this laudable and auspicious gift is coming just from a Department in Church, a department of very young successful people in Church.

They are made successful by following the words of our Man of God. I am very excited again that this is happening at a time like this when some sense-ruled folks are crying over ten percent tithe and offering. Unfortunately for the folks, they have been left behind groping in the dark.

Their wisdom has failed them because it will always come to naught. The more we sow into the anointing, the bigger we become and the more they complain and profane against the anointing, the smaller and worse they become.

Only through knowledge shall the just be delivered into their inheritances. Bravo to our Loveworld Music Stars!

You Are Made And Exalted Forever!! Much Love From All Of Us!!!
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Introducing The New Rap Kid, Alphi Lexy, on his New Fire Single ‘Ready Made’ featuring Asake, produced by Tytanium and Mixed & Mastered by Badman.  

Alphi Lexy real name Alphonso Olaleye is an Afro Pop Artist, who draws his inspiration from the likes of YCEE, Falz, MI, Vector, & Wizkid which is reflective in his sound. 

This young rapper is set to take over the rap scene with his dope rap skills.  You are no doubt going to love this youngin.

Bitcoin Gold Addresses ‘Scam’ Wallet and Premine Endowment Process
On Monday November 20, the cryptocurrency-based hardware wallet manufacturer, Satoshi Labs, revealed that the Bitcoin Gold (BTG) network is now accessible through the Trezor beta wallet. Further, the BTG development team has recently revealed that the wallet “mybtgwallet” may be a scam, alongside information on the team’s premine endowment process.

Trezor Adds Bitcoin Gold Support

Bitcoin Gold Addresses 'Scam' Wallet and Premine Endowment Process
The forked cryptocurrency bitcoin gold is having an interesting week as market liquidity is starting to hit exchanges. BTG markets have increased 100 percent in the past 24 hours jumping from $150 per token to $275 on November 21. The day before the Prague-based Satoshi Labs, the makers of Trezor, revealed they would enable BTG retrieval for customers within the wallet’s beta client. Trezor’s blog gives a step-by-step process on BTG claiming, just as it did when bitcoin cash forked this past August. Users are required to use the firm’s beta wallet and upgrade their firmware to 1.6.0.  

“For the time being, your Bitcoin Gold wallet will only be accessible from the Trezor beta Wallet,” explains the company.
Bitcoin Gold is not Bitcoin — It merely uses bitcoin’s history similarly to the case of Bitcoin Cash — This process will not affect your Bitcoin wallet at all.

Removing an Alleged Fraudulent Wallet from the BTG Homepage

Bitcoin Gold Addresses 'Scam' Wallet and Premine Endowment Process
In addition to getting BTG support from Satoshi Labs this week, the development team has revealed a wallet called “mybtgwallet” may be fraudulent and removed the wallet from their homepage. The development team says they are investigating the situation and the team is working with security experts covering the issue.     

“When we receive verifiable reports that a website or app is a problem, we removed it from our site,” explains the BTG development team.
Preliminary investigations indicated that at least some of the claims of theft by the mybtgwallet site are reliable — Like all third-party sites, that site was not in our control, but we immediately removed it from our pages and the team is working with security experts to get to the bottom of this issue — It appears the mybtgwallet online wallet site was modified by unknown parties long after it was originally published.

BTG Developers: “The ‘Premine’ Wasn’t a Premine”

Bitcoin Gold Addresses 'Scam' Wallet and Premine Endowment Process
Lastly, the BTG development team has also addressedthe controversial bitcoin gold premine this week. The founding developers say that the premine is not like traditional instamine processes that most teams utilize and that it shouldn’t even be considered a ‘premine.’ The “premine” wasn’t a pre-mine,” says the BTG team.

Bitcoin gold was replicated from the bitcoin (BTC) blockchain at block height 491407, and at that point there were 16.5M BTG in existence, explains the organization.
“After this, the project mined 100,000 coins (8000 blocks at 12.5 coins per bock), so it’s more of a post-mine, but we still call it a premine,” reveals the BTG endowment announcement. 
 A true premine is when the makers of coin start a new blockchain with a genesis block and do private mining to accumulate a number of coins, and only then make mining public for others earn coin rewards. With that approach, the makers obviously start out with a huge proportion of the initial coin supply – 100%! That would have been a serious problem.
In addition to describing what they believe is a ‘fair premine,’ the BTG team claims 95 percent of the coins are locked up in an endowment. Some (35%) will possibly be available for use immediately, and 60% was locked up for the future. The core development team has gathered 5% of the BTG premine to cover initial infrastructure costs.
The BTG team concludes by saying that if there is anyone who is technically proficient enough to verify the development team’s time-locked premine wallets, they can validate the procedure here and here
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