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» » » » » » » BATTLE OF THE YEAR - Gyms VS Self Training
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The majority of people are affected by stereotype considering that keeping fit always means joining a gym. Any local facility can provide necessary equipment to stay fit. You can additionally benefit from fitness experts who are aimed at letting you achieve necessary results. On the other hand, gyms may come with some downsides while training at home can help you reach your fitness goals.

You hardly need an instructor to take the advantage of efficient series of exercises. Many workouts can be done whenever possible, so sticking to a gym environment is rather a stereotype though having some general advantages. Don’t let stereotypes guide you! Whenever you decide to turn into a passionate gym rat, check with some of the following pros and cons making it easier to make up your mind. The idea is not to take you off the gym route but to make it clear that there is always another way to kip fit. 

Another Monthly Fee or Good Investment
The financial issue is the first and foremost factor to consider. An average fee in 2016 is about $58 per month when it comes to permanent membership. However, the majority of people who pay those bills do not visit gyms regularly; they include 67% of all members in accordance with the latest statistics. 

In other words, people pay for not visiting a gym. However, we should never underestimate some obvious advantages that person can gain along with going to gym, and we are presenting you some of them below........

General Gym Pros

Equipment - You will hardly appreciate spending thousands of dollars on various sporting equipment; gyms offer everything you may need for the most intensive ad efficient training letting you save your time and money.

● Uplifting Atmosphere - You meet the motivation at your every step in the gym because you are surrounded by exercise enthusiasts; you meet professionals who stimulate you for better results.

● Professional Staff - You can always turn to experts who will show how to do a particular exercise correctly avoiding any injuries and overloads, while working with instructors will modify your program making it as efficient as possible.

Cost-Effective Approach - US gyms charge average monthly membership fees up to $60 while necessary equipment for training at home may cost you up tp$100 000. 

General Gym Cons

Distraction - There is always someone to interfere and chat about anything taking you away from your primary goals; some may find this rather annoying.

● You Are Not At Home - You are supposed to follow social protocols without the slightest chance to do whatever you want and there is no screaming, sprawling or grunting us allowed.

 Location - Your gym may be located miles from home making you spend plenty to get to it;this may come with many inconveniences especially when considering professional sportsmen.

 Lines and Hygiene - Standing in line to grab your equipment for hours – there is hardly something more annoying. Most of you are very unlikely to appreciate dirty showers and spots on the very place where your head is supposed to be placed during the workout.

Home Training Pros

● Personal Sanctuary - No queues, no fees, no lack of freedom, which means that basically you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, and there will be no one to stop you.

● No Fees - You are not supposed to pay monthly fees turning your membership into an additional bill to cover. Some exercises and workouts do not call for additional equipment so you can stay in a perfect shape free of charge.

● 24/7 Availability and Convenience - You can start your training whenever you need and establish your personal schedule, so there will be no need to push yourself to visit gym after work when you already feel tired.

Home Training Cons

● Expensive Gear - Achieving good results is rather hard without necessary sporting gear, and in most occasions, it will cost you a fortune.

● Lack of Expertise - There is always a chance of being injured due to an overload or inaccurate workouts.

● Lack of Motivation - This factor can also become a problem as most of us would rather watch a favorite movie with fish and chips rather than sweating on the floor.

While some people still prefer privacy and freedom, others may enjoy the social atmosphere of the gym. None will hardly determine what the best bet is. Compare all the point above to make the right decision.

Karl Wittgenstein
Author’s Bio - Karl Wittgenstein blogger from Germany, currently live in London UK. Work as a freelance writer for EduBirdie, the company that helps students all around the world to achieve the highest scores at the university.

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