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About Us:

Colossus Gists is Primarily a "Multifarious Online Magazine" cum Entertainment Media Weblog, dedicated to delivering quality Entertainment & Information to happy readers in Nigeria and in the diaspora. We offer engaging content monthly to upwards of Thousands of page-views per month, largely comprised of the coveted 18-26 demographic.

Massively growing the bar since our inception 2 years ago, Colossus Gists serves as the ideal medium to reach your consumer, which is why we’re relied on by private and commercial multifarious companies and industries for their advertising needs.

       - Full Stats of Colossus Gists

  • Over 1,500,000+ visitors on average.
  • Starting with Over Thousands of pageviews/average Monthly.
  • Visitors from Over 100 Countries.
  • High level of Visits from US, Nigeria, Ukraine, Greece, Kenya, Indonesia, UK, etc.
  • Over 70,000 + Visits on monthly basis.
  • Over 50,000 Facebook and Twitter fans.

»» Digital Marketing Services we Offer

1. Effective and relevant Online Music, Events, News, Brand Promotions and Publicity (blogs, facebook, twitter, instagram, etc)

2. Sponsored Adverts

3. Search Engine Optimization

4. Marketing — Digital, Social Media, Content, Email, SMS, YouTube, etc

5. Music or Artiste Hype/Promotion/Distribution

6. PR Expert — Online Reputation Management

7. Guest/Hired Blogging Services

Types of Adverts We Offer Are Categorized Thus;
  • Banners
Outlined below are our Classes of Banner Ads we currently offer:-

  1. 700 x 200 – (Leader Board)
  2. 300 x 250 – (Medium Rectangle)
  3. 160 x 600 – (Skyscraper)
  4. 250 x 600 (Large Skyscraper)
  5. 200 x 200 (Square)
  6. 200 x 400 (Large Square)
  7. 300 x 250 (Mobile Ads Banner)
  8. 300 x 50 (Mobile Ads Banner)
  9. 1250 x 1024 – (Site Background Takeover) 
  • Other Forms Of Advert
We also Offer some Other Forms of Advertisement.

- Text Ads – A Text Format Link Shown on our Mobile Site Pages.

- In Post Banner Ads – A Banner Ads in all trending daily updated posts/news Shown on our PC/Mobile Site Pages.

- Sponsored Post – Do you have any Product or Render any Services you want the World to know about? You can get a Post on our Website.

For Advert Rates, 

Whatsapp/Call: +2347034265167
Send mail to: admin@colossusgists.comcolossusgist@gmail.com 
or Click Here